Investing in New Property in Spain: Savings, Comfort and Accessibility at Your Fingertips

3rd August 2023
Investing in New Property in Spain: Savings, Comfort and Accessibility at Your Fingertips

Spain, known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture and charming cities, is becoming an increasingly attractive place for potential investors interested in purchasing real estate. According to a recent report by the National Federation of Real Estate Associations (FAI), there is a compelling case for buying new properties in the country, based on the unique benefits they offer compared to older, second-hand housing.


Average age of real estate in Spain


The FAI report reveals that the average age of used housing stock in Spain is 43.5 years. This is an important parameter that can affect the quality of life and comfort of residents. Older buildings often have technical challenges, such as lack of thermal insulation or lack of elevators, which can significantly affect the comfort of everyday life. This is why new properties are becoming the preferred choice for investors who strive to achieve the maximum quality of life.


Deficit of energy-efficient real estate


The report highlights the problem of the lack of energy-efficient properties on the Spanish market. Protecting the environment and minimising energy consumption have become key priorities in the global real estate market. Investors are increasingly appreciating the benefits of apartments that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Modern buildings use advanced insulation solutions and energy saving technologies, which translates into lower electricity and heating bills, as well as a positive impact on the environment.


Availability and comfort


The FAI report draws attention to the important issue of the lack of elevators in 32.08% of cases in used buildings, which particularly affects the elderly or people with reduced mobility. This clearly shows the need to build new properties with accessibility for all residents. For elderly or disabled people, living in a building with an elevator becomes a key factor influencing their quality of life.


Increased demand for modern real estate


The optimistic accent of the FAI report results from the growing demand for modern properties that are characterised by energy efficiency, comfort and accessibility. According to the data, every third buyer (31.1%) chooses this type of flat. This is a clear signal for potential investors that the investment in new real estate is in line with the current preferences and expectations of customers.


Revitalisation of urban centres


FAI President José María Alfaro stresses the need to revitalise urban centres built in the 1970s from the perspective of safety, comfort and accessibility. This challenge creates interesting opportunities for investors who can contribute to the transformation of historic areas into modern, friendly and accessible living spaces.



Investing in new real estate in Spain is becoming an attractive option for potential investors. The older age of many used buildings prompts the search for solutions that guarantee energy efficiency, accessibility for all residents and comfort of everyday life. The growing demand for this type of real estate confirms that investing in modern apartments is in line with the current market needs. At the same time, the opportunity to engage in the revitalisation of historic urban centres opens up new perspectives for those who want not only to invest, but also to create the future of Spanish cities.

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